Recycling Your Keyboard 2

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After taking out the keys from my grotty keyboard (hee) for my Christmas decorations, I was left with the casing and the wire. To be honest, I wasn't really sure what to do with the casing - if anyone has ideas on what to do, please email me!

Here's what I did....

I unscrewed the casing of the keyboard to see what was inside. I thought the keyboard would have lots of coloured wires running all over the place, but all I found were 3 transparent sheets - one with yellow blogs, one with lines everywhere, and the other was a plain sheet of plastic with holes.

After doing my lampshade revamp, I thought it would be a good idea to make these into lampshades for candles!

Cut to size!

Hot glue gun ends together and you get your cylinder!

Here's what they look like in action - all the crazy lines and yellow blogs cast great shadows!  For safety reasons, I put the small candle in a glass cup; didn't leave it in a drafty place, and as with all lit candles NEVER leave them unattended.

 I like this one...

Which one do you like? :-)
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