Lampshade cover for the new year

Happy new year everyone! Although we don't get snow, the thermometer dropped to 26C and we didn't have to turn on the fan or aircon at night.  For those who have never visited Southeast Asia, temps at night can be around 30C, so a 4C difference does wonders! :-)

I was looking at my miserable lamp that sits on my dresser the other day.  Here it is.  It's been with me for 6 years and it has faded from a topaz blue to a dull greyish blue. I got it at IKEA for around SG$16.  It's still working, but I don't want to splurge on another lamp or go to IKEA to replace the lampshade.

Miserable lamp :-(

Lamp with a "new" lampshade at zero cost! When it's dusty, just take it off and throw it in the wash - no need for your duster! Woo hoo - makes the housework simpler :-)
I actually made a cover out of a top that doesn't fit me around the waist (getting old!).  It's very easy.  All you need is your needle & thread (or sewing machine), scissors, elastic and fabric. The fabric used was a jersey type material. You can use cotton, but then you would have to iron it after each wash :-(

Nice but doesn't fit me anymore top

Measure the height, and the top & bottom circumferences of your lampshade. My lampshade is small, 18cm top to bottom, so I was able to use my top.  Any larger, I think you might want to use your hubby's old shirts or T-shirts.   I cut it just under the arms, and I removed the sash and what I was left with was a tube like piece of material

Open up the tube so you get a rectangle

Actually, I think I made a boo boo. You don't need to open it up - see below....

Fold the length of rectangle on each side & sew. I sewed it by hand. (~2cm or whatever amt that will allow you to insert your elastic band)

This is what you get! Two small tubes along each side!

Measure the circumference of the very tops and bottom of the lampshade.
Then I took off about 6cm these respective measurements and then measured & cut out 2 elastic bands.
Insert into the 2 tubes. 

The material should gather now.
Join the ends together and sew up!  So, now you see, actually there was no need for me to open up the tube as I was going to sew them up together anyway! 

See the problem I have now! :-p
Anyway, you should get this trapezoid shaped object.
Slip it on your lampshade and adjust the fabric! Enjoy! :-)

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  1. That was a really nice repurposing project using two old items! Well done!

  2. Thanks! I love to repurpose :-)

  3. Hi Amanda! Thanks so much for featuring my project on Craft Gossip. I've grabbed a button! :-)

  4. that looks great. any issues re: fireproofing?

  5. Hi kfh54, thanks for your comment. Regarding the fireproofing, as I had put the fabric on the outside, the inner fireproofing surface of the original shade was not covered and intact! :-)

  6. actually i have did that with a curtain valance and just threaded the elastic in the rod pocket i did it with a lace valance just measure the length of the shade and walla you have a victorian shade cover