Recycling your keyboard


My old grotty keyboard. 

Left: Hubby helping me get out the keys      
Right:  OK, given the state of the keys, you must think that I type with grotty hands. :-(

Using my pliers to remove the plastic "bump" at the top.  The one on the left has had it removed.

Hot glue them together with a string.  I wanted to use tinsel and I think it would look prettier if I did, but I couldn't find any smaller versions of tinsel.  

Apply glitter to the keys. Got my son to help out; he loves getting his hands sticky.
It would also look good with buttons too. Perhaps sew the buttons between the keys? :-)

Tie some ribbon between the keys.

And there you have some Christmas decor. :-)

Tip :  You don't have to tie them together.  You could make individual baubles out of them instead.
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  1. That is a very crafty way to recycle an old keyboard. I'll share that with my friends at Captain Planet.

  2. Thanks, Trey. Btw, what's Captain Planet? Sounds like we need something like that over here in Singapore :-)

  3. That's cool! I saw somewhere that they recycled it into fridge magnets by using glue too.