Revamping your old belt!


After finally getting my sewing machine to work I got down to some serious business with my reconstruction. I've taken an old belt that has lost its life and encased it in the jeans material from my hubby's old pair of jeans (the one that became jeans bangles and a tissue case too).

It's an easy project. I think this could work with any type of old material. I was thinking of scrunching up the material but because the jeans material was too thick it ended up really bulky. I guess T-shirt material or some sort of satin material would have been better. In the end, I sewed on lots of old buttons and beads. Happy sewing!

Old belt - this was an elasticated belt and so it was easy to sew through.

The last leg of my hubby's pair of old jeans!

Preparing the jeans material to encase the old belt!

Material sewn up! Remember to turn it inside out!

Inserting my old belt and then sewing up the ends.

Tried scrunching it up. Rather disappointed that it was too bulky. Should
have used a material other than jeans!!

Added buttons and beads instead.  Made sure 
I went through all the layers of fabric to make it 
all steady.

Added a clasp from an old pair of shorts to the belt :-)
At the moment I'm thinking the buttons are a bit too much :-p

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  1. Great job on this !! excellent reuse.

  2. Thanks, KJ and Charityshopchic!

  3. Chic and great idea, environmental friendly as well. Love the way or re-do, re-use, re-cycle.
    Terrie from Hong Kong

  4. I love this idea! And I have the legs from the jeans I used for my bag to use too! :)

  5. I love the geen buttons! Great job. Thanks for the inspiration. I'm always looking for new ideas to upcycle.

  6. I really like this! Very clever and pretty.