Old jeans into a tissue holder

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So, I've made the jean bangles with the inner seams of hubby's old jeans. What next? 

I was thinking about what happened in my friend's car the other day - tissues at the front of the car on the dashboard and kiddies at the back getting all dirty from eating chocs and biscuits.  Why not have the tissues at the back so that the kiddies can reach them? So, I decided to make a tissue holder that can be hung on the back of the front seat.  No need for mum to hand the tissues to the kiddies while driving, and no need for kiddies to get up to get the tissues if they're placed at the back!  Everyone's safe!  This one's for Angel Hearts Crafts for the Craft it Forward! Hope you like it :-)

The jeans with no inner seam

Measure using the tissue box/packet. 

I cut strips of fabric to make the handles and as bias tape.

Sew the bias tape to the opening then fold into the middle. 
Sew the bottom and sew more bias tape to the top. 

Stitch the opening to adjust its size. 
Add in the tissue packet!
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