We Yarnbombed the Pillar!

The rules of blogging dictate that if you want to engage your readers you need (amongst others) to post regularly, and perhaps even have a good series that is posted on a regular basis. Well.... umm.... as you might have realised, I've been quite terrible with the Greeny Crafter Series and it's fizzled out. I think mainly because I haven't been on the look out for upcyclers, but also because it does take a lot of time. I'm thinking of doing it differently the next time round though...

Last weekend I took part in the final phase of the yarnbombing in the lead up to the Singapore Mini Maker Faire (26- 27 July 2014).   We arrived at 10am and didn't leave until 4pm. A full 6 hours getting just one pillar dressed up for the event. I have seen tanks and buses being yarnbombed and always wonder how long that would take -- I think I have an idea now!  We personalised the whole project by writing down our thoughts regarding the whole activity. Take a look at the pictures.

I would like to thank:
a) Mona for being game enough to take on this project with me. I don't think I'd have done this without you;
b) The wonderful staff of the Science Centre and Senja Cashew CC for agreeing to let us yarnbomb their venues, and for letting the project be part of Singapore Mini Maker Faire 2014;
c) Bartholomew Ting for letting us yarnbomb his T-rex at Senja Cashew CC;
d) All the lovely volunteers who came forward and donated their time, yarn and pieces to the yarnbombing effort; and
e) The interns of Ngee Ann Polytechnic who stepped forward to help out in the social media.

Just in case you are wondering what will happen to the yarnbombed pieces after the event, we will be packing them up and re-using them for another yarnbombing occasion, so stay tuned to

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  1. Love it! So colourful! All those pieces would make a great quilt too!

  2. Looks great Agy! What fun!! I'd love to be involved in yarn bombing something one day! Better get practising my crochet... :)