3 Ways to Nurture Creativity & Eco-friendliness in Kids

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There has been this on-going discussion in Singapore on why we do not see as many successful entrepreneurs or inventors as compared to the West. The fact is, creativity is seen as one of life's necessary skills. Education experts are saying that we should start nurturing the next generation from very young, get them to be creative and reduce rigidity and rote learning - for readers who live outside Asia, rote learning is a very common characteristic of the Asian schooling system. Previously it was thought that you needed to teach creativity to kids, but  "all students can think well and be creative"  - you just need to nurture it!  Here are three ways to get them creative and learn about the environment at the same time:

Sewing can awaken creativity in kids, and help them become creative thinkers, problem solvers, and most important people who will persevere.  You can start them with mending or something simple like making shorts from their trousers or even a t-shirt bag.  Don't forget to teach them why it's important to make our own clothes and refashion!

Getting crafty is a great way to start the creative journey, and it gets better if you and the kids try to think of ways to upcycle the various materials found in your home.  It's a great way to learn about our environment too. Start off with simple projects like toilet rolls or tin cans.

We want our child to understand what goes into food and how to cook it.  My son has just started to be curious about cooking and it was an opportunity to tell him about how to eat healthily as well as to avoid junk and processed foods. You can have the kids involved in meal planning as well.

What other methods do you use to kindle the creativity and eco-friendliness within the kids?

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