Upcycled Cushion Covers Using Scrap Materials

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I bought some scrap fabric from Fictive Fingers (they were selling leftovers from their upholstery production) and decided they would be nice on my old cushion covers.

Old cushion covers looking old and plain. I obviously wasn't very good at home decor when I bought these - what was I thinking!

The lovely scrap fabric! I didn't know what I was going to get through the mail so it was a lovely surprise to see the range of colours and prints.

What you will need:
1) Sewing kit including ruler & pencil
2) cardboard box - cereal boxes work the best as they are big!
3) scrap fabric of different colours and sizes (remember to iron them first)

Measure out how big you want your pattern to cover and then cut out cardboard. Mark out and cut the shapes you want for your different fabric scraps.  Tip - label the pieces of cardboard and take a picture with your camera so that you can refer to it if your pieces get all muddled up. 

Layout the fabric according to the pieces of cardboard.  Then iron each piece and fold the excess fabric over the edges. You might want to cut the fabric if there is too much excess.
Remove the cardboard after ironing.

Put the pieces together and begin sewing piece by piece.  I used a fell stitch - I think that's what it is called. After I sewed two pieces together, I ran the iron over the fabric and sewed on another set of fabric. 

After sewing all the pieces together, I pinned and sewed on the newly formed piece of fabric to the old cushion cover. Had to carefully ensure I didn't sew through the bottom of the cushion cover!!

The final products are two very nice cushions! Adds a bit of life to my living room :-)

This upcycle took me two afternoons. 

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