Making a Magazine Stool


Do you subscribe to a weekly or monthly magazine and you just don't know what to do with them after you've read them? At last week's P!D The Upcycle Village (which I blogged about here), we were taught how to make a Magazine Stool with old magazines!  They had a lot of Her World back issues donated to them by the publisher, SPH.   Check out the steps below.

Roll up 18 old magazines very tightly and secure with rubber bands on either end. Yvonne (from MacPherson CC) informed us that magazines 1cm in thickness are the best. Too thick and it becomes very difficult to roll them up.

Stack four rolls into a square and secure corners with cable ties. Use 2 cable ties per corner.

Then add two rolls at a time and secure until you have 7 layers of magazines. 
Remove the elastic bands.  Add 4 rolls on top to make the seat.  Secure again.

And your done! If you want, you could make a foot stool instead.

Looks comfy, right? Maybe we could add a little cushion on top.
Have you made anything with magazines?

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  1. Pretty cool idea! Look at all those cable ties :p I seldom make such big items... here's a Kusudama flower that I made from magazine paper

    1. Thanks, Nueyer. The Kusudama flower looks hard to make, but the video made it simple enough :-)

  2. That's pretty amazing!