What I am doing with my scraps

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I've got loads of scrap material (I was going to write tonnes, but then would be exaggerating it a bit, although my hubby has labelled me a "hoarder"!).  My last reconstruction didn't go too well. The top was not working out well as it ended too pink and I didn't have any white fabric to balance it out.  Anyway, I cut it up and, with my son's birthday party coming up, I decided to make party packs and cute hair clips for the gals! It's his party this Wed and I'm taking leave Tues afternoon and Wed! :-)

My stack of scrap material
From the top: jeans, T-shirt, freebie from Japan and material from my kid's bedsheet

Now, onto the clips that I made. I bought a hot glue gun for this. I used to use craft glue, but once I discovered the hot glue gun I went crazy!! I bought mine at Art House at Ngee Ann City. The black clips were purchased at the "pasar malam".

The full set! Hope the gals will be happy - sorry boys, couldn't think of any manly items for the party packs :-)
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