Making Good Blog Train


I'm taking Fix It Friday around the globe! From 1 May, the Making Good blog train will pull out of Singapore and document the possessions that my fellow bloggers have fixed. We will show you how we mended them, and more importantly how we felt! Join us on our repair journey, and come back every Friday to see my top pics of the week!

Thank you to everyone who is taking part. We have bloggers from as far away as Canada!

1 May - Agatha Fixing a jug
2 May – Lisa     Patching jeans
3 May –  Millie   Patching a skirt
4 May – Stella   Fixing a bag strap
5 May  Adeline  Mending jewelry 
6 May – Audrey  Fixing a sandal
7 May – Yaney  Fixing innersoles of shoes
8 May – Christine Patching jeans with embroidery
9 May – Karen Fixing slippers
12 May – Vicky: Jean Patches and a Shoe Fix
13 May – Brandi, Fixing a Hole in Upholstery 
16 May – Kathy Reupholstering a chair 
17 May – Cassandra  Repairing torn seams
18 May  Taking a Break!
19 May –  Maegan Fixing Cassette Tapes
20 May – Judith Repairing Toys 
21 May – Vanessa  Fixing shoes 
22 May – Joy  Repairing a Wicker Chair 
23 May – Julia  Repairing Coats
24 May – Amanda Repairing an Old Dresser 
25 May – Diane Hairline Cracks
26 May – Emily, Fixing the Ceiling Hole
27 May – Emmy  Fixing a Bookshelf
29 May - Jean Chua Mending a Teddy Bear

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  1. I can't wait to see this! I do love to renew and reuse. I often don't feel clever enough with clothes to do it. The best I can manage is buying used clothes from Goodwill (thrift shop/re-sale store).

  2. What a great idea! Looking forward to seeing it!

  3. Sounds great! I can't wait to see what everyone does and how it changes the view of their wardrobe. I hope it encourages people to repair their clothes more often.

  4. Looking forward to everyone's posts!!

  5. Agy, I want to nominate you for the Liebster Award. This post will tell you more about it, http://www.cookwithashoe.com/general/nominated-for-the-liebster-award/

  6. Looking forward to the amazing salvage creations!!!

  7. Check it out Agy, my Fix it is on Totally Tutorials: http://totallytutorials.blogspot.com/2015/05/tutorial-how-to-repair-hole-in-wicker.html