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Photo: KL Chiong

It felt very surreal to have the local newspaper and radio notice my work and interview me. The TODAY paper was looking to interview green individuals for a feature article. Among those featured were Bhavani Prakash (EcoWALKthetalk), Lee Ler Cheng (The DIY Secrets), Olivia Choong (Green Drinks) and Eugene Tay (Green Future Solutions). They even interviewed a 12 year old, Dylan Soh, who is passionate about urban farming. 

When the article came out, one lady pointed out that we shouldn't be called "eco warriors" (as in the title of the article); I hadn't spotted this, but I think she is right. I don't think I am a warrior or fighting a battle; I am (as with all the others who are featured) just doing what I think is right, and it's part of our lifestyle. 

If you watch the video, you might notice that I'm doing an upcycle there and then. Do you know which one it is? Scroll down below to find out!

Thank you to Siau Ming En and her very professional and patient team of videographers! 

Here I am at the radio station right after the interview on 938 Live. It was supposed to be a 1 hour feature with me also introducing my friend, Raye, who designs sustainable clothing. Unfortunately, due to the algal bloom incident along the beach, our segment was cut down to 10 minutes, and we had to squeeze in as much as we could in that short amount of time. We still had fun and it was a great experience for me - talking live is no easy job!

Like my skirt?

If you want to find out how I made the skirt, click here!

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