Furoshiki - Eco Christmas Wrapping


It's that time of year again when friends and family exchange presents. As a family, we have decided not to give presents to each other but share memories and cook each other a meal. We have just got too much stuff at home! 

But if you are going to give a present, wrap it in furoshiki (風呂敷) cloth to cut down on the wrapping, or even better, why not use your old t-shirt and make it into a furoshiki cloth! The great thing about it is that your friend can continue to use it as a present wrap, or as a reusable bag. How great is that? :-)

What is Furoshiki?

Furoshiki is a traditional Japanese wrapping cloth that was originally used to wrap clothes removed before entering the Japanese baths. The practice spread to transporting other items, and still very popular in Japan today.

File:Traditional Japanese wrapping cloth,huroshiki,katori-city,japan.JPG
Photo courtesy of Katorisi
So what about using t-shirts? Here's how!

What you need
Old t-shirt (washed of course!)
Optional - Fabric  / acrylic paint and old to decorate your t-shirt

Cut up the t-shirt
You need to make deep cuts to the sleeves and neckline. Then cut a fringe (about 2" strips) along the bottom and tie knots to seal off the bottom.  You will also need to cut the shoulders apart.

How to fold it up

I think there are many ways of doing it, and you can take reference to the furoshiki techniques detailed here.

Image courtesy of Jenny Wren Paperie via Tree Hugger

Version 1

Here's what I did to create one version:

Version 2
You can also tie up the straps, roll and tie again.

Version 3

To make the wrapping a little airy (see first image of the post), you gather all the straps together on both sides and tie once, and then tie another two times to make a loop at the top. 

Alternative Furoshiki

If you are not comfortable with this method, you could always sew up the backs and fronts of two t-shirts to make a large square. Remember to use the serger to hem the edges to give the new fabric a clean look!

Will you be trying furoshiki this Christmas?
For more eco friendly wrapping ideas, pop over to 

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  1. I love your idea for using t-shirts for furoshiki! And with those long straps, I'll bet it's super easy to tie the packages up! Thanks for sharing! (I'll actually be adding another tutorial to that collection of eco wrapping later this week!) :) Lisa

    1. Thanks - looking forward to reading yours!

  2. Very clever use of an old tradition and recycling new materials. Thanks for sharing at Make It Monday. I have used a style of this before and the gift recipient was very pleased.

  3. Great post, love the idea of using t-shirts:)

  4. What a great way to recycle!! Ah I love this, will use...#turnituptuesdays #pinned

  5. Great idea to use a t-shirt for wrapping Agy! We wrap our family presents in fabric for birthdays and keep the wrapping to re-use again and again. I must get around to the same for our Christmas presents too!

  6. These are wonderful Green ways to wrap presents! Thanks for sharing with us at Together on Tuesdays!!!

  7. hi love the idea will have to give it a try thanks for sharing visiting from make it monday have a great day a merry christmas and a happy new year zen hugs all around

  8. hi love the idea will have to give it a try thanks for sharing visiting from make it monday have a great day a merry christmas and a happy new year zen hugs all around

  9. Recycling at its prettiest! And a great way to clear up my wardrobe just in time for New Year 2015!