Blog Train - I Didn't Throw It Away!

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A few days ago a friend asked whether I had anything in the house that was at least 20 years old - a garment, accessories, electrical appliances, maybe even furniture. She wanted me to take a few pictures and asked me to share the stories behind them. This got me curious - what makes me keep these items and hold on to them for so long? So, I have decided to start a blog train to get people thinking about why they didn't throw certain items away. It might help unlock the reasons why we throw some and why we keep some!

We Start on 1 Dec!

Our blog train starts on the 1 Dec, tours around Singapore before chugging off to different parts of the world!  If you would like to join us, please drop me an email and I will send you the rules! Once you join, don't forget to grab the badge!

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All posts will be shared on my social media platforms!

Update: Here's a wrap up of the blog train.

1 Dec  Green Issues by Agy  
2 Dec  JoeyCraftWorkz 
3 Dec  Gingerbread Mum
4 Dec  Mum in the Making 
5 Dec  Dominique's Desk 
6 Dec  Prayerfull Mum 
7 Dec  My Lil Bookwor
8 Dec  Simply Me 
9 Dec  Mum Craft 
10 Dec Mad Psych Mum 
11 Dec Growing with the Tans 
12 Dec Mums the Word 
13 Dec The Kam Family  
14 Dec PeiPei.HaoHao
15 Dec Xavvy-licious  
16 Dec Adopt an Ami 
17 Dec Angel Hearts Crafts 
18 Dec Lapis William  
19 Dec Rhinestic's Knick Knacks 
20 Dec Hello, Mrs Tan

Christmas Break!!

2 Jan  Rude Record 
3 Jan  Refab Diaries  
4 Jan  Creating My Way to Success 
5 Jan  Recycled Fashion  
6 Jan A Vintage Crafty Adventure   
7 Jan Cucicucicoo     
8 Jan Sum of Their Stories    
9 Jan Fafafoom     
10 Jan Vicky Myers Creations
11 Jan Little Did You Know 
12 Jan Mountainsno
13 Jan Penelope Cake Fashion
14 Jan The Little Treasures
15 Jan Swoodson Says

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1 comment

  1. the thrift stores are a goldmine for reusing and refashioning. and cheap cheap cheap.