Fix it Friday


Hello! I'm starting a new series on my blog - Fix It Friday. Every Friday, I will blog about something I have fixed. Mending something is a way of reconnecting with the things you own instead of throwing them away. It's all about creating a better relationship with them. OK, some of you might think I am being a little crazy when I say "relationship" with our belongings, but let's think about it for a moment......

Have you ever wondered why there are some things you keep forever, and why there are some that you throw away without a second thought? When we buy a product we develop an intense attachment to it  - we try our best to take care of it, repair it and use it all the time - but then this attachment, this emotional connection that we have with it, can suddenly go just as quickly as it came.  In fact, these days our relationship with products does not even encompass the care and repair of it especially if they are impulse buys. This is very unfortunate and shows just how wasteful society is.

There are some things that I have a deep connection with and cannot bear to part with, such as my stuffed monkey that my gran gave me when meeting for the first time (I was 8 years old), and this vintage bed sheet that I have had since I was born. 


So, that got me thinking. Why can't we have a similar relationship with our other belongings? Why, yes, we can, especially if we (1) made them, and (2) we repaired them. So let's get fixing! Hope to have you join me!

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  1. Any tips on replacing or repairing the lining for blue jeans pockets? My bf's keys wear holes in them long before the denim gives out.

    1. Good idea! I have added that to my list. Thanks.