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Yarn bombing Singapore

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It seems like the interest towards knitting and crochet as a hobby has been rekindled in Singapore! I think it has to do with the fact that this craft can also have guerilla tendencies. When I read that a lady in Hong Kong was yarn bombing public areas, I thought it would be great to do it in Singapore. I dropped a line to my friends organising the Singapore  Mini Maker Faire, enquiring whether a group of yarn enthusiasts could yarn bomb the event. Although we couldn't get permission from the venue owner, The Singapore Science Centre has kindly offered to host the yarn bombing! Woo hoo! 

We will be having a first meet on 1 May, 10am - 12pm at the Singapore Science Centre (exact location to be confirmed). Bring your prepared items so that we can place them around the centre. Also, bring your own yarn and crochet hook / knitting needles. If you don't have any yarn, upcycle some from plastic bags, t-shirts or even an old sweater. 

You may remember the granny patches I made with my rainbow loom. Well, I've now decided to contribute them to the yarn bombing. 

I'm also upcycling these jean pockets from another project (which I'll post soon!) for the yarnbombing too. Just sew a blanket stitch along the edge of the jean material and then crochet using the stitches as guides.

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