DIY Foosball Table Game


Do you have kids who love football? This would be the perfect little DIY to get them involved - a mini foosball table game made out of a cardboard box. It is sure to generate fun and bonding time in the family.

You will need: 

a) 2 cardboard boxes - one box for making the football figures, and the other for the foosball base. Our box for the base was 26 x 17 x 9 cm. It has to be rectangular in shape. If you don't have this, you could cut out and  join 3 tissue boxes together using glue.
b) bamboo skewers
c) paper
d) hot glue gun, craft glue, scissors, colour pencils, masking tape, pen knife, ruler, marker

Parental help is needed when using glue gun and pen knife.

a) Prepare your foosball base. Use masking tape to tape up the open ends of the box. 
b) Cut top (longest and widest part) of the box open.

c) At the two ends, cut open a half circle for the goal posts.
e) Measure along the length of the box and mark out the centre line, goalie positions and others. As our box was small, we could only fit in 12 players on each team, 3 per rod. Remember your rods need to alternate between the two teams. This is what our design looked like:

So, in all, we had 8 rods, 4 per team.

f) Draw in the centre line and penalty box (oops, I drew semi-circles by mistake!) 
g) Mark positions (based on positions in e) where the rods will be placed. Use a pen knife to cut an "x" through the cardboard of both sides of the box. Then use scissors to make a hole at the "x's"

h) Poke a bamboo skewer on opposite sides of the box where you have cut out holes. Overlap the skewers. Make sure the skewers can move from left to right easily before use masking tape to fix them together. 
i) Design your foosball team on paper and then stick them onto cardboard.Hot glue gun the team members onto the skewers.
j) Start playing!

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  1. Very cute! Thanks for sharing this interesting idea!

  2. That's fab, my kids would have loved making this when they were little. My middle boy had a table football when he was about 6 (that's what we call them here) and was so annoyed that all the players were blond white guys we had to get some model paint so he could make his teams a bit more diverse and representative of him and his friends. He would have really enjoyed making his own!

  3. This is Really Awesome Information with Coovering All Details. Thanks. I will also Try to Build My Own Kick Foosball Table