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Hello! Can you believe it's nearly the end of August? In fact, I just saw a lovely post on Halloween crafts using jars.  OK, so you're thinking "But Halloween is in October!", but you will need time to collect used glass jars for the suggested crafts. My favourites are the mummy jars and the "jack-o-lantern" jars because they're spooky and cute at the same time!!!

This week's Greeny Crafter is  Sheri of Awesome Sauce & Asshattery, and she's so awesome, she's published a book of refashion tutorials "Confessions of a Refashionista: Life on the Zigzag".  Thanks for the fun, Sheri! :-)

Please tell us abit about yourself
I’m a Canadian graphic designer and lived a most extraordinary existence in North America, Japan, England and Greece before I finally settled in Germany, married the man of my dreams & co-created our first child who popped into the world at the end of March/2011! I am not a professional seamstress but inherited an elderly sewing machine from a Great Aunt & decided to dust offsome brain cells, clean out my wardrobe & have a go at re-creating old clothes & upcycling thrifted fabrics into cool new gear!

How did you discover that you have creative tendencies?
My mother says I was always chock-full of creative energy & from childhood was ‘designing’ colourful crayon characters & directing/starring in original backyard performances for loved ones to enjoy - I even charged admission! As I grew up my creativity blossomed & I discovered my love of entertaining & began acting & singing which eventually took me to Japanwhere I spent 6 fantastic years performing on stage & in front of thecamera. It was then on to London for 2 years & then 4 years spent in Greece owning, writing, designing & operating a bilingual entertainment magazine! Until finally… Berlin where I co-own & design Mensch T's 
with my husband,  make quirky creations &step-by-step tutes to share on my blog, & have recently published my first book of refashion tutorials: Confessions of a Refashionista: Life on the Zigzag.

Where do you find your inspiration?
From everyday life… it’s amazing the ideas you get from a simple walk in thepark. For instance my patchwork flowers are based on the shape of the wildflowers that grow in our local dog park. =o)

Do you have any role models/inspirations? If so, who and why?
My Grandmother had 11 children & is definitely my refashioning role model! She would take a worn out shirt from one of the boys & turn it into a sweet dress for one of the girls and even created trousers from old flour sacks…using only an old fashioned pedal sewing machine & hand stitching!

How do you come upwith your ideas?
Mostly through trial & error… seeing what fabrics work well together & which items are best for going under the “refashion-machine”!

I love sorting through my stash of old clothes (from friends, family, charityshops...) and finding fabrics that coordinate. I then layer them on my mannequin to see which parts will “refashion” well together. It’s  just a matter of time before I break out the scissors & seam ripper and begin tearing the old gear apart to be sewn into fresh new looks!

What are some of your fave creations?
That's a hard one! I love pretty much everything I've shared on my blog but I'll try to choose a couple from each category:

Tutorials for Giving:

Tutorials for the Mommy:
From a dress!!
From old jeans!

Tutorials for the Munchkin:

From an old dress!

Tutorials for the Nest:

Paper machier!

From a clothes hanger!

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  1. Thanks so much for introducing us to Sheri! I look forward to investigating her blog further. That munchkin jumpsuit and dress turned teepee are adorable.

  2. Here's all the info about the groovy second edition of my book: http://awesomesauceasshattery.com/2012/11/09/confessions-of-a-refashionista-life-on-the-zigzag-2/