Frugal Board game - Snakes and Ladders

My son learnt how to play snakes and ladders at school, and he has asked me whether we have the game.... erm, no..... Haven't had the time to buy it either... but today, we could play Snakes and Ladders by using an old calendar, scissors and colour pencils. We had fun deciding where the ladders and snakes would be. Start would be at day 30, and the winner would have to get to day 1. We didn't have a dice so we cut days 1 to 6 and took turns to take them out of the bag. The only downside is that my son got confused with which way to go as the numbers are not in order, but he soon got the hang of it and had lots of fun - we played it soooooo many times.

If you get tired of the game, you can redesign it with another month of the calendar! To make it more exciting for the whole family, the large floor tiles can be designed as the board game with washable crayons. Each member of the family would be the moveable piece :-) There won't be a giant dice, but fun all the more !


  1. wow, I think this is a good idea!

  2. I tried it with noughts and crosses too. :-)



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