An Eventful Weekend - Singapore Mini Maker Faire

Last weekend was the Singapore Mini Maker Faire, and I was given the opportunity to teach garment repair as part of the Sustainable Living Lab booth. We had gathered unwanted jeans, socks and fabric scraps for the booth.   Apart from the garment repair, we got the community involved in woodwork, vacuum forming, pin hole cameras, rainbow loom, upside down plant hangers, electronics deconstruction, a physical version of the pong video game, and a bike which generates electricity!  

High points 
a) Watching the kids get really creative with their repair swatches - they turned them into head bands and even a treasure map!
b) One lady came down twice to finish off repairing her cardigan and trousers. 

My fave maker of the faire 
It has to be Yuichiro Katsumoto for me! He is from the NUS Cute Centre and he made the AMAGATANA. Check out his video!

Big thank you!
I would like to thank Sustainable Living Lab for the opportunity, and to my wonderful team mates - Raye and Amy - thank you for taking the time to take part in the repair booth!

Check out some of the pictures below. More photos here.  

Sample swatches

My youngest participant - only 5 years old and she can sew a running stitch like a pro.

Blanket stitch and patch on a cardigan - can't wait to see the fully repaired

Practising darning socks

Starting a trend - upcycled jeans and fabric scraps into fascinators!

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  1. Great to see such a turnout and so many young participants!
    I just love to prolong life on garments and other things that can be saved and I am always eager to see ho others do it. Thank you for sharing the pictures!

    1. Had fun. In fact, a lot of the younger kids were keener than the adults.

  2. Great photos! Looks like you were very busy!

  3. What a super idea! Now I'm thinking about how to do something similar. Thanks!