Belt or necklace?


Hellooooo!!! Chinese New Year is in 4 days!!!  It's a Chinese tradition to buy new clothes and wear them on the first day of Chinese New Year (this Sunday).  This time, we've decided that we won't be buying anything new so long as what we will wear is not dark and dreary but bright and cheerful!!

So can you guess what I have made to compliment my clothes? Is it a belt? A necklace? It's made from the seams of old jeans and it's easy as pie!  Best of all, no sewing machine is needed!!!

Jean belt 1
Cut out all the seams!

Jeans 2
Cut out your strips - any size.
They can be randomly sized too!

Hooks & Eyes
Get your hooks & eyes ready..

Jeans 6
Insert the hooks & eyes into the seam and
sew on.

Jeans 8
Take your hammer and hammer away!!!
This is to ensure the hooks & eyes don't loosen. Don't
hammer the hook & eye at the end
of the your train of jean seams

Jean 8
Add on any embellishments!

Jean 11
My belt! I wore it like this to work yesterday!

My necklace?

Jean 12
Maybe... if I had made it shorter!

Or maybe?
If you are a green crafter and enjoy making new things out of old, I would love to feature your blog !!  Please click on Are You a Greeny Crafter? for more details. Look forward to hearing from you!!

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  1. Hello Agy, you ha ve such a cute blog, i like the concept and your lovely projects! it's great to know someone else in singapore who likes refasioning too. so glad to find yr blog, folylowing u. And thanks for yr email, i have already replied!


  2. What a cute idea! It is so versatile and I love how you used jeans!

    If you're interested, we're hosting our first ever link up party. Please stop by and link up! http://www.waywardgirlscrafts.com/2012/01/wayward-weekend-week-1.html

  3. Hi Agy, I did a blog post promoting you and your art. I hope you like it.
    Laurie of Butterscotch Tabby.

  4. I like the bracelet version myself! Pretty!

  5. Such a fun idea! And this jean belt/necklace/bracelet is featured this month at the Creative Craft Challenge! Stop by and pick up your special button when you have a chance :) Thanks for partying with us!

  6. Very creative! I like the bracelet best but that might just be because I don't wear belts. Either way, it's lovely!