Where are Asia's Sustainable Cosmetic Brands?

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The past few days have been pretty bad; the whole family came down with the flu except for my kid.  Then, to make things worse, hubby had a bad reaction (severe nausea) to the antibiotics he was prescribed. It was rather strange because I wasn't prescribed the antibiotics - different strain of the flu virus? So, we were in bed most of the time, while junior had to be on his best behaviour. You don't want to be ticked off when you're in bad health!

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Anyways, I was in bed wondering about green beauty products and why we don't see more or even any Asian beauty product brands that are green.  In fact, I was at the local pharmacist and their small section of green beauty products were all from either the UK, USA, Australia or New Zealand. Am I missing something? Or maybe I haven't looked hard enough....

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The 2nd Asia-Pacific edition of the Sustainable Cosmetics Summit was held in Hong Kong just over a month ago, and there was much discussion on the Asian cosmetic industry needing to raise the bar for sustainability, and was lagging behind other regions. The topics covered included alternatives to animal testing methods, green ingredients, sustainable packaging, potential of Halal cosmetics, Traditional Chinese Medicine in cosmetics, and marketing organic skincare products.

As summed up by the organizer, Organic Monitor, The region is lagging in many ethical and ecological areas, such as alternatives to animal testing, ecological packaging, green formulations, as well as consumer education” 

China is one market where cosmetics have to be tested on animals before they can be sold there.  According to Nick Palmer from Cruelty-Free International, the EU ban of animal-tested ingredients and cosmetic products in 2013 may put some pressure on China to change its stance.  I'm not sure about that. You may remember that some of the big beauty product companies have dropped cruelty-free animal testing in order to enter the China market!  Only time will tell.....  

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