DIY Blue Angel for Christmas

When I made my 3D Christmas angel earlier on, I thought that it would be better to crochet the wings on rather than have them attached to another hanger.  So I made another angel, this time out of an old blue t-shirt, one clothes hanger and wires.  You still need the wires to stiffen the wings.  Apart from the gold glitter glue, everything else was recycled from something.

This time my hand went on overdrive and crocheted the clothes hanger from top to bottom.

I crocheted the wings into the body of the angel before inserting the wire and shaping it until they looked like angel's wings. I then tied the wings down to the body.  It's a bit of a tangle at the back but if anyone know of a neater way of doing it, I would be happy to know from you!! Drop me a line in the comments section :-)

I added gold glitter glue and beads to the angel.

Sorry Mickey, but I had to cut you up! 
This t-shirt was from Disney Paris when it was first open so it's lasted a pretty long time.
Will be keeping the diving Mickey for another project.

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  1. Gorgeous angel! I never knew you could crochet with t-shirt material! The more I see about crocheting the more I want to learn how to do it! Great upcycle!

    Jill @ Creating my way to Success

  2. Great idea to add glitter glue and beads! Adds sparkle :)

  3. @Jill - thanks. A lot of good videos on the web that teach you the crochet basics. I don't think I would have been able to do it w/out them!

    @Nueyer - thanks! Love to add sparkle to my crafts especially when we're nearing Christmas :-)